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This is AWESOME, makes my eyes feel so good. I work in the food industry where it's 35-40 degrees year round, the cooling fans would dry my eyes out all the time, but now I have this! Thanks Be to Jesus Christ that someone came up with this awesome product! It's a little expensive though, maybe you guys could drop the price a little, just sayin'.

~Tim C.

I love FreshKote......

My eye pressure has gone from about 25 in each eye to 15 when last tested.  I cannot use glaucoma drops because of allergies.  FreshKote fixes the problem and feels great!

~Marcia M.

I have Severe dry eyes from the autoimmune disease Primary Sjogrens Syndrome.  I have plugs and use Restasis, but for real comfort I have to use FreshKote.  It is the only eye drop that has any staying power.  Over the counter drops only help for a few minutes.  If I didn't have FreshKote, i would not be able to open my eyes at night.  That is how dry my eyes get when I lay down at night.  FreshKote is the best eye drop for dry eyes.

~Deborah N.

I just received a sample from my eye doctor yesterday and the results are amazing!  I have previously tried almost every type of eye drops on the drugstore shelf and was ready to bite the bullet and get Restasis. Hope it keeps on working this well.

~Laurie R.

I just wanted to tell you thank you. I have been dealing with chronic dry eye since the age of 12, putting up with red, itchy eyes on a daily basis.  Now at the age of 26, after dealing with every eye test, eye specialist and eye drop available, I can finally say that I have found relief in FreshKote.  Nothing else out there compares to FreshKote.  From previously using 10-12 drops a day from other brands, I can now have comfort with only 1-2 drops a day of FreshKote.

~Nick V.

I have always had somewhat of a problem with dry eye, but it never became more evident until I injured my right eye.  After having a foreign object removed and with that scratching my cornea, my eye took a while to heal.  A few weeks after the corneal abrasion healed I woke up one morning to find that the pain experienced with a corneal abrasion was back.  I went back to my eye Dr. to find out that if the eye is injured and after healing, dry eye can cause the new cells that have replaced the injured ones to be torn away due to lack of moisture thus causing corneal abrasion all over again.  This is especially true upon waking in the morning.  He prescribed me FreshKote to instill into my eye at night before bed and I have never had another problem since.  I use it now for both my eyes and it it great!  The refreshing moisture stays with me all day and I can't imagine a better product to help keep my eyes healthy.   Thanks FreshKote!!!

~Shaun W.

As a doctor of optometry, I am very pleased with the response I got from using FreshKote in a patient of mine with keratoconus. As I fit her with rigid gas permeable contact lenses, her dry eye has been very well controlled on FreshKote every day. As a matter of fact, her corneas look wonderful. Good job Dr. Holly!!

~Dr. K. B.
New York

Over my 20 years treating dry eye patients I've seen new dry eye products introduced all the time that are basically subtle variation of what we've had in the past. FreshKote is the first product I've seen that has been dramatically different for my patients with the most severe dry eye problems. It is fantastic to finally offer a new and effective prescription alternative to the myriad of drops that my patients have tried unsuccessfully. The worse the problem, the better my patients do when using FreshKote.

~Matthew G.

I have been plagued with chronic corneal tears, abrasions, and dry eye since January. I finally changed doctors, and he prescribed Restasis, which gave me some relief, but my vision continued to worsen. My tears were "cloudy." Last week, my new doctor added FreshKote. It has been a miracle! I don't feel like I have sand in my eyes, and my vision has improved. I cannot believe what a difference this medication has made in reducing my pain. I cannot say enough good [things] about FreshKote. Thank you so very much---these drops are an amazing blessing!

~Dianne S.