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Occlusion Foil .6, Bangerter

Item # 310906
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Product Description:

Bangerter Occlusion Foil .6

Bangerter Occlusion Foils provides a system of graded foils to equalize the spatial contrast of the dominant eye to that of the amblyoptic eye. They can be used for both Prophylactic and Therapeutic applications. In Prophylactic use, the occluder can help prevent Amblyopia, Suppression, and Abnormal Retinal Correspondence. In Therapeutic use, they can be used for Amblyopia treatment, Orthoptic Treatment, Diplopia, and Diplopia in monocular aphakia (with <0.1). These foils are designed for easy adhesion to the patient's glasses plus they are disposable for cleanliness. The occlusion bar can be used during the exam to determine the level of occlusion desired. It provides the same 10 levels of occlusion as the foils. Note: Higher the number (0.3 to 0.6) yields greater visual clarity. Disposable foils for cleanliness and low cost.

Visual Acuity .6=20/30
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