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Pharmaceuticals arrow O3-Maqui Supplement 120 Softgels per Bottle

O3-Maqui Supplement 120 Softgels per Bottle

Item # 212351
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Product Description:

Combat dry eye symptoms and promote healthy tears. O3+Maqui™ is an innovative supplement that is formulated with two key ingredients, Omega-3 and MaquiBright®, that help to combat dry eye symptoms, support eye health and promote healthy tears.▵ • Reduces inflammation • Assists with tear film stability • Restores function of the lacrimal gland
Specifications and More Data:

Each O3+Maqui softgel contains 100 mg of MaquiBright. In clinical trials of subjects with moderate dry eye symptoms who took 60mg daily of MaquiBright saw a significant increase in tear production and improvements in dry eye related symptoms. O3+Maqui uses 2420 mg of purified, highly-refined Omega-3 fish oil in a re-esterified triglyceride form to improve tear concentration, assist with tear film stability and help reduce inflammation.No need to buy multiple supplements. O3+Maqui’s patented unigel technology offers a precise dosage combination of a liquid and a powder tablet within one softgel.

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