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Punctal Occluders arrow Comfortear® Punctum Plug - Sterile, 2/box (X-Small 0.6mm) Paragon BioTeck

Comfortear® Punctum Plug - Sterile, 2/box (X-Small 0.6mm) Paragon BioTeck

Item # 501401
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Product Description:

Comfortear® Punctum Plugs are designed to deliver unparalleled comfort and retention, providing long-term occlusion therapy to treat symptoms associated with dry eye disease that may result from allergies, cataracts, or contact lens intolerance.

Pre-loaded individually on the ergonomically-designed Comfortear® insertion tool, Comfortear® Punctum Plugs are offered in a range of diameters to accommodate the needs of the patient. Packaged two (2) individual sterile trays per box, the Comfortear® individual sterile trays reduce the potential for unnecessary waste when only a single occluder is required.

  • Comprised of a proprietary blend of 100% Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
  • Patented, self-adjusting Micro-Recesses combined with strategically placed Micro-Beam Technology™ reduce rigidity
  • Supplied sterile, pre-loaded on inserters, with two implants per box
  • Available in multiple diameters: 0.5mm-0.9mm
Specifications and More Data:

Rx\OTCRx (You must have a state license to purchase this product)
ManufacturerDelta Life Sciences
SizeX-Sm 0.6mm

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