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Medical Office arrow Lens, 21mm Vitreous ,Karickhoff

Lens, 21mm Vitreous ,Karickhoff

Item # 324403
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Product Description:

Most useful lens for laser treatment of vitreous floaters. Small flange helps prevent lens being squeezed off eye by patient. Small exterior diameter enables lens to be inserted into an eye with small lid fissures. Lens allows surgeon to view retina clearly in most patients during procedure to check for hemorrhage. Serrated holding ring for easy grip.

Quick Overview:

Image Magnification: 1.39x

Laser Spot Mag: .72x

Contact Diameter: 15.5mm

Lens Height: 16mm

Specifications and More Data:

ManufacturerOcular Instruments
Mfg Item (Reorder)OJKY-21

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