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Exam Room Supplies

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303004 Skin Adhesive Histoacryl Blue 0.5 mL Liquid Precision Applicator Tip n-Butyl-2 Cyanoacrylate call or login    
392126 Mastrota Meibomian Paddle call or login    
400101 Utility Shears 7-1/2 Inch Length Stainless Steel Finger Ring Handle Curved call or login    
400609 Tray, 6x9x1.5 Job Tray, Blue call or login    
400610 Tray, 6x9x1.5 Job Tray, Grey call or login    
400611 Sharkskin Repair and Identification Labels - Style 3 35mm. Includes marking pen. 1,000 tags per box. call or login    
401101 Tourniquet, Latex 18in call or login    
401103 Tourniquet, Velcro Adult call or login    
401104 Tourniquet ,Velcro, Children call or login    
405105 Phoropter Shield. Dimensions: 7.5"W 7.5"L call or login    
406210 Wormington Card specifically designed to be a corrected Rosenbaum Eye Test Card. Charts include: tumbling E, sentences, letters, and numbers, along with a metric scale and pupil size gauge. call or login    
412102 Tip Covers, Unsleeved Bulk, 600/Box , Tono call or login    
412103 Tip Covers Reichert ,150/Box,OCU-FILM ® call or login    
412104 Tono Tip Covers, Sleeved & Individually Wrapped Sanitized 200/box Automated Ophthalmics call or login    
412105 Tono-Tip Covers, Sleeved Bulk, 600/Box call or login    
412106 Tip Covers Reichert ,600/Box, OCU-FILM® call or login    
413111 Chin Rest Paper Universal, 500/Pack call or login    
413121 Chin Rest Paper for Nikon 500/pack call or login    
413131 Chin Rest Paper for Zeiss/Humphrey 500/pk call or login    
413211 Chin Rest, Peg call or login    

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Results 1 - 20 of 75