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311102 Spear, PVA Lasik, 100/box, Ultracell™ call or login    
311106 Spear, PVA Lasik, 7cm, 2"x 3/4", Orange handle, 100 count, Visitec call or login    
311111 Spear, PVA Lasik, Ultraclean Expanded 100/bx call or login    
311121 Spear, PVA Lasik, Ultraclean 100/box call or login    
311130 Pledgets, Surgical,Sterile, Ultracell® call or login    
311301 Light Shield, Corneal, 8mm 20/box call or login    
311312 Visitec LASIK Eye Drain (Chayet), 10mm. 20/box call or login    
311412 Wipe, Instrument, 20/box, Ultracell call or login    
313452 Gloves, Surgical,size 6. 50/box, Ansell, Derma Prene call or login    
313455 Gloves, Surgical, size 7½, 50/box, Ansell, Derma Prene call or login    
313456 Gloves, Surgical, size 8, 50/box,, Ansell, Derma Prene call or login    
313457 Gloves, Surgical, size 8, 50/box, Ansell, Derma Prene call or login    
314401 EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth™ System Starter Kit call or login    
314402 EyeGiene® Insta-Warmth™ Refill Kit call or login    
316218 Infusion sets, Safety Winged Inf Set 23G x 3/4", 12" Tubing 50/box, TERUMO call or login    
319101 Cautery, High-Temp , Ophthalmic,Fine Tip, 2200°F call or login    
319102 Cautery, Low Temp, Ophthalmic, Fine Tip call or login    
319104 Cautery, Low-Temp Handle & Tip, Change-A-Tip ™ call or login    
319105 Cautery, Fine Tip, Adjust-A-Temp call or login    
319106 Cautery, Ophthalmic High Temp, Loop Tip, Pro Advantage call or login    

Display #  
Results 41 - 60 of 257