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PicItem #ProductPrice    Qty      BuyAdd to QC
pic205111Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Injection USP, 50mg, 1mL 
pic206561Ciprofloxacin Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution 0.3%, 2.5mL, (Sterile) 
pic207101Gentamicin Sulfate Intramuscular Injection, 40mg, 2mL, vial 
212104Artificial Tear Night Time Ophthalmic Ointment, 3.5g 
218302Cyclopentolate Hydorchloride Ophthalmic Solution, 1%, 2mL,(Sterile with Sterilized Dropper) 
pic301112Alcohol Prep Pad, Sterile, 2-Ply, Medium, 1.13" x 2.25" (pad size), 200 pk/bx, 20 bx/cs, PRO ADVANTAGE®  
pic302301S41350 - PVP Iodine Prep Swab 1s, 1/pk, 50 pk/bx, 10 bx/cs 
pic303003Paper Tape 2 in x 10 yd Roll DUKAL SURGICAL TAPE - PAPER 
pic3030118534C - Clear Tape, Hypoallergenic, 1" x 10 yds, 12/bx (Continental US Only) 
pic303101Bandage, Flexible, 1 in x 3 in, Cloth 100/bx 
pic303102Bandage,1in x 3in , Sheer Plastic, Latex Free, 100/bx 
pic303104Bandage, 1in x 3in ,Clear Adhesive, 100/box 
pic303204Bandage, 1.5 in x 5 yds, Pink,Coflex 
pic303207Bandage, 1.5 in x 5 yds, Neon Green,Coflex, 
pic303215Bandage, 2 in x 5 yds, 36/Pk,Cohesive, Assorted Colors, Pro Advantage 
pic303350Tape,1in x 5 1/2 yds, 1 Roll, Microfoam 
pic303401Tape, Surgical,1 in x 10 yds, (US Only) Durapore 
303501Tape, Surgical, Paper, 1" x 10 yds, Micropore 
pic304101Sharps Container, 1 gallon, Red, Clear Sliding Lid, 4.8"H x 7¼"D x 8½"W, Covidien (Continental US Only)(Continental US Only) 
pic304105Sharps Container, 1 quart, Red, 3½"W x 3½"D x 7"H 
306205Cotton Tip Applicator, 6in, 2's, Sterile, 100/bx 
pic310107Eye Pad, Oval, 1 5/8in x 2 5/8in, 50/box 
pic310110Dukal Eye Pad, Oval, 1 5/8 inx 2 5/8 in, Sterile, 50/bx 
pic310301Eye Patch Jr ,20/box, Opticlude 
pic310403Eye Patch, Plastic with out foam Black 
pic312121Versalon 2x2 Non Woven Dressing Sponges 4 Ply Sterile, 50/box  
pic312142Kendall 4" x 4", Gauze 12-ply, Sterile 10s in Plastic Tray 
pic3122212x2 Gauze 4-ply Non-Sterile 200/pk 
pic3122434x4 Gauze 8-ply Non-Sterile 200/bag 
pic313113Innovative Nitriderm Nitrile Gloves PF NS Large 100/Bx 
pic313312Gloves, Exam, Powder Free Latex, Small, 100/ box, Ansell Micro-Touch Style 42 NextStep 
pic313331Gloves, Exam, Soft Nitrile, Powder-Free, Small, 200/box, Pro Advantage 
pic315292Needle, 30G x ½", Regular Bevel, Sterile, 100/box 
pic319106Pro Advantage Ophthalmic Cautery High Temp, Loop Tip 
pic321305Self-Seal Sterilization Pouch, 2.75" x 10", 200/box 
pic322021Surgical Gowns Small 
pic322023Surgical Gowns Large 
pic331100Suture Removal Kit 
pic393012Barraquer Wire Lid Speculum Adult 14mm 
pic403100Contact Lens Cases, White 50/bag 
pic403101Contact Lens Cases, Multi-Color with Flip Top 100/bag 
pic403102Contact Lens Cases, Clear, 50/bag 
pic403103Contact Lens Cases, Yellow, 50/bag 
pic403104Contact Lens Cases, Purple, 50/bag 
pic403105Contact Lens Cases, Blue, 50/bag 
pic403106Contact Lens Cases, Green, 50/bag 
pic403107Contact Lens Cases, Orange, 50/bag 
403109Contact Lens Case, White withFlip Top, 50/bag 
403110Contact Lens Case, Clear with Flip Top, 50/bag 
403111Contact lens case, Yellow with Flip Top 50/bag 
403112Contact Lens Case, Pink with Flip top, 50/bag 
403113Contact Lens Case Fliptop blue, 50/bag 
403115Contact Lens Case with Screwtop (tight top), 50/bag 
pic409101KimWipes® EX-L Delicate Task Wipes, Disposable, Popup Box, 1-Ply, White, 15" x 17", 140/bx, 15 bx/cs (36 cs/plt) 
pic410161ComfortClear™ Eye Lid Wipes, 30/Box 
411014Mydriatic Specs with Cardboard Temples Pediatric, Amber, 50/box 
411306Post-Mydriatic Slip-ins w/sleeve,Gray, 100/box 
411309Post Mydriatic Rollups, Bronze 
pic414511Emesis Basins 700cc 
pic415101Thermal Paper #D01 
pic415102Thermal Paper #026 5/pack 
pic415103Thermal Paper #207 
pic415105Thermal Paper #214 
pic415107Thermal Paper #501 
pic415108Thermal Paper #201 
pic415110Thermal Paper #202 
pic415111Thermal Paper #209 2.25in 
pic415112Thermal Paper #612 
415113Thermal Paper #110 
pic415117Thermal Paper #503 
pic601002Bulb Illumination 12v 50w HLX 64610 
pic601003Bulb for B&L Keratometer 120v15w 
pic601009Bulb for Welch-Allyn Ophthalmoscope 04900 
pic601014Projector Bulb CAX130 GE 
pic601018Projector Bulb CDD 120v100w 
pic601025Bulb WA Retinoscope 08200 
pic601026Bulb Haag-Streit Slit Lamp 
pic601027Bulb S/L Zeiss 6V 25W 39-01-53 
pic601029Bulb Topcon Slit Lamp 20700 
pic601031Bulb Slit Lamp 12v 30w #64260 
pic601048Bulb Keeler All Pupil/Vantage Indirect 6v 10w 
pic601113Bulb Welch Allyn Panoptic Ophthalmoscope 2.5v 03800 
pic601116Bulb Slit Lamp 6v 27w BT3050F 
601151Bulb 6V 5W Heine X-04.88.093 
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