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391100 Forceps, McPherson Tying Straight call or login    
391101 Forceps, McPherson Tying Long Straight call or login    
391102 Forceps,McPherson Tying, Angled call or login    
391103 Forceps,McPherson Tying Long Handle Angled call or login    
391137 Forceps, McPherson Tissue, 1x2 Teeth, 0.4mm withTying Platform, Straight call or login    
391138 Forceps, McPherson Tissue, Angled, 1x2 Teeth, 0.4mm withTying Platform call or login    
391139 Forceps, McPherson Tissue 1x2 Teeth, 0.12mm call or login    
391142 Forceps, Kelman-McPherson, 8mm Angled Jaw call or login    
391145 Forceps, Haberle-McPherson Lens Holding, 7.5mm Angled Jaws call or login    
392307 Iris Spatula, McPherson 1mm Wide call or login    
393031 Speculum with Solid Blades,McPherson call or login    
393227 Scissors, McPherson-Vannas, 11mm Blades Curved call or login    
393232 Scissors, McPherson-Westcott Conjunctival with Blunt Tips, Curved call or login    
393517 Needle Holder, Barraquer-McPherson, Straight, with Lock call or login    
393518 Needle Holder, Barraquer-McPherson, Straight, without Lock call or login    
393519 Needle Holder, Barraquer-McPherson, Curved, with Lock call or login    
393520 Needle Holder, Barraquer-McPherson, Curved, without Lock call or login    

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