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414914 Replacement Lamp, 2.5V Halogen for Welch Allyn Professional Penlite call or login    
601015 Bulb, Projector,Halogen Replacement for CAX Projector Bulb call or login    
601037 Bulb, Copeland/Optec Retinoscope 3.5v Halogen call or login    
601061 Bulb, 6v 10w Halogen 64225 call or login    
601062 Bulb, 6v 20w Halogen, HLX 64251 call or login    
601064 Bulb, 12v 75w Halogen, 64450AX call or login    
601065 Bulb, 21v 150w Halogen, EJV call or login    
601075 Bulb, 12v 20w Halogen, 64425 AX call or login    
601091 Bulb, 12V 100W Halogen EFP call or login    
601099 Bulb, CAX Halogen Replacement Q50CL-DC-24 call or login    
601124 Bulb, Main Halogen Viewing Bulb Kowa RC-XV3 call or login    
601142 Bulb, 12v 50W Halogen Carley Lamps call or login    
601143 Bulb, 130V 50W Halogen G8/2-Pin call or login    
620001 Ophthalmoscope, 3.5 V Halogen, Head Only call or login    
620002 Ophthalmoscope,3.5V Halogen Coaxial, Head Only call or login    
620003 Ophthalmoscope, 3.5V Halogen Autostep call or login    
620017 Otoscope 3.5V Halogen with 4 Specula (sizes 2,3,4,5 mm) call or login    
620024 Handle for 3.5V Halogen Instruments call or login    
620025 Handle for 3.5V Halogen Intstrument (Can Convert to C Battery Use in Emergencies) call or login    

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