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202711 Benzocaine, Butamben, And Tetracaine Hydrochloride Topical Anesthetic Spray, 20gm (one cannula included) call or login    
315541 Cannulas, 23g x 1", Aluminum Hub Blunt tip, 25/box, Monject call or login    
329210 Cannula, Rycroft Irrigation, 27g x 7/8" Angled 10/box call or login    
329212 Cannula, Rycroft Irrigation Angled 30g 10/box call or login    
329213 Cannula, Lacrimal 26g x 1-1/8", 10/box call or login    
329216 Cannula, Irrigation Straight27g 10/box call or login    
329218 Cannula, Burnstine Lacrimal Tapered Tip, 0.15mm call or login    
329219 Cannula, Wilson Shahinian Style Lacrimal , Straight 23g 11mm call or login    
329221 Cannula, Irrigation, 19G, Angled, Re-Usable call or login    
329301 Cannula, Viscoelastic Angled 23g 10/box call or login    
329304 Cannula, Anterior Chamber 27g x 7/8 with 4mm bend 10/box call or login    
329305 Cannula,SubTenon 19g x 25mm 10/box call or login    
329306 Cannula, Simcoe Double Barrel 23g x 23mm 10/box call or login    
329308 Cannula Vidaurri,, 25g 10/box call or login    
329309 Cannula, Lacrimal Reinforced Straight 23g (Reusable) call or login    
329310 Cannula, Anterior Chamber 27g x 7/8 11mm Bend 10/box call or login    
329311 Cannula, Irrigating Straight Blunt Tip Polished 23g (Reusable) call or login    
329312 Cannula, Lacrimal Reinforced Straight 25g (Reusable) call or login    
329313 Cannula, Lacrimal Anel Curved 25g (Single Use) call or login    
329314 Cannula, Anterior Chamber 27g x 7/8 8mm Bend 10/box call or login    

Display #  
Results 1 - 20 of 26